Christmas in New York


Merry Christmas everyone! Here are some photos from yesterday, of me getting thoroughly spoiled by my sister G and her husband Matt at their Brooklyn apartment.


They bought me a mountain of presents (including an original soft-sculpture artwork made by G, and a huge book on contemporary painting for the studio), then took me out to a French restaurant for Christmas dinner. Even Blue the dog spoiled me by giving me cuddles throughout the day.

Matt’s a very talented photographer, so was able to get some lovely shots of the festivities.


Here are some other highlights/events from this week:

Tuesday 20th December


Today I went to Materials for the Arts – a vast warehouse in Queens that stocks art supplies, material, costumes, and a huge array of random odds and ends.


Above: A display of sculptures at Materials for the Arts, made from objects found in the warehouse.

ISCP staff had arranged for me to have a free session at MFTA, where I had the opportunity to wander the warehouse with a trolley and take anything I wanted, free of charge. I managed to find lots of interesting items to use in my next collaborative myth-making sessions, and ISCP’s Sophie Prince kindly helped me transport everything back to the studio.


I particularly liked this Michael Kelly Williams quote at the entrance to MFTA, that I think is very applicable to the myth-making process and my collaborative photo sessions:

‘I look for materials that draw me to them; that call out. I may be attracted to the pure form but usually it is the energy radiating within the object in an almost animistic way. I have used objects that I view as being loaded with power and beneficial properties as well as remnants of musical instruments which to me still resonate with sound and music. I use materials that are seen as charged with their prior usage and practice.

‘I also collect objects that can be read symbolically, have multiple meanings, or allude to works of poetry or literacy. These collected objects are then repurposed through alteration, arrangement and construction to create assemblages. I see this creative portion as relating to poetry in creating metaphors of meaning as the juxtaposition of materials interact and merge as a whole.’


Above: Some items from MFTA back in my studio

In the evening, I was invited to a dinner party in Manhattan, hosted by Magda Salvesen, wife of the late abstract-expressionist painter Jon Schueler.


I was treated to a delicious 3 course meal, met many of Magda’s interesting friends, and had a tour of Jon Schueler’s studio, which was filled with his beautiful and haunting sky-scapes.


Hunter and his magician’s assistant Mac Tavish

After dinner, Hunter – a fellow Scot – put on a magic show, helped out by his kilted teddy-bear magician’s assistant ‘Mac Tavish’ (to read more about Mac Tavish’s adventures, visit his facebook page: )


Getting shown a coin trick


The rest of the week I spent in the studio, trying to get as much done as possible before all of my other sisters arrive in NY for New Years. I had a break on Wednesday to enjoy the ISCP Christmas party, held in a Brooklyn bar called Topas – where we were spoiled with free food and drink courtesy of ISCP.

All in all, a brilliant first Christmas in New York!


2 thoughts on “Christmas in New York

  1. Hi Claire

    Merry Christmas. It looks and sounds that you are having a great time. Save some energy until the rest of the team arrives!!! Love Jim and Emily xx

    Sent from my iPad



    • Merry Christmas Jim and Emily! I hope you’re both enjoying the festive season too… Don’t worry, I’m going to have a quiet couple of days in the studio before the rest of the Patersons descend on New York, and can recharge my batteries a bit! Have a great New Year, and will look forward to seeing you both 2017. Love, Claire xx


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